One important part of Commit Ltd.’s activities is education and training, which is not negligible in a smooth operating software development company. Namely because aside from creating software for our customers that are easy to handle, we find it equally important for them to be able to start operating them in real world environments as soon as possible as a result of efficient training.

With the aid of our training methods, organized operation of our partners can be achieved that lead to greater profit possibilities. This way, companies can not only save on labor force, but also on time, which accelerates the firms’ everyday administrations, and makes it possible for the management to prognosticate future events.

Experience shows that our trainings are effective; moreover after the improvement of purchased products managers of our customer firms indicate the intention for future trainings.

Pursuant to training, aside from our own software, we undertook the instruction of database management, Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook) and ReMind programs as well, on academic and practical levels.

For the introduction of WinDirect ERP software, we have our prepared specialist team, evaluation aids, training syllabuses, and model databases at your service.