Károly Márton
managing director


The owners of Commit Ltd. are Hungarian managers. The establishment took place in 1997 but its antecedents stretch back much earlier. The establishers were led by the recognition that their previous achievements were based on a peculiar, very valuable technology that could be used to build a commanding and future proof system from every aspect.


Commit Ltd. mainly deals with the continuous development and operation of its WinDirect integrated company management software, and occasionally undertakes the designing of large, unique software systems from state recognition through designing to execution and management. The team uses the newest and most modern software technological tools, so as a result of long surveying, developments and practical experience, these systems can be regarded as the software of the 21st century. At the moment we employ 17 highly skilled specialists (mainly software developers and initiation consultants). Among our employees we have registered experts in different fields of information technologies. Besides software development, our team gained a significant amount of experience in the fields of company management consultancy, formation of controlling systems, as well as in the implementation and operation of ERP systems.


We feel equally comfortable in the environment of domestic companies and multinational environments. Our approach to problems of small and large companies are equally proficient. We work in a practical way with professional approach, avoiding pageantry. This is also true to our presentations where we do not strive for using spectacular presentation techniques, instead we give definite answers and exact solutions.


Gergely Márton
managing director


The birth of WinDirect

Our WinDirect system’s present state is built on past years’ academic and functional experience, and on persistent research. Its predecessor was, the ERP system used by many, called Direct, that we developed in the beginning of the 90’s. The development of Direct was done with ReMIND development that-at its age-was the biggest domestic software development project. ReMIND is a software construction software with which we took part in the software world championship twice, where in one occasion our group and the software received a bronze medal.
Because of the fast development of computer technologies we set our Direct system on a whole new base, and in 1996 started the development of a new system called WinDirect. WinDirect’s above average future citing abilities are the results of a new technology, and of a consistent development concept.