Some "thought-provoking" features of WinDirect:

  • Based on its open-sourced technology, this ERP is much easier to customize, parameterize, develop than the usual „black box” systems.
  • Worthy competitor of any known international ERP systems based on its technology and solution standards.
  • "Document tree" - visual tree structure for business processes, tracking, „stucked” processes, one-time data entry – also for ISO compatibility
  • Multilinguality - with inner translation mechanism, even data can be translated to any language.
  • Any data can be searched, filtered on any documents, not just usual 3-4 primary data.
  • Any data can be exported to various formats (Word, Excel, PDF, LibreOffice, XML, CSV, etc.)
  • Company group and inter-company solutions, data merge, consolidations.
  • Offering open tasks and data recommendations for users.
  • Procurement can be highly automatized, calculated by potential (future) stock levels by orders. Also by stock reduction trends, seasonality.
  • Multidimension quantity units solution - materials and products shown in multiple quantity units. Any kind, not just 2-3.
  • Professional, powerful maufacture, production module - from simple, BOM level productions to more complex solutions for multiple operations, time dimension, capacity, etc.
  • Major emphasis on first cost and margin most precise calculations, also indirect costs included.
  • Powerful project management module by similar technology, also from simple to more complex, scaled projects. For detailed time scaled, capacity, cost, etc. informations.
  • Automatic accountancy is available by daily analytics – by defined accounting rules, stock accounting also available. Or interface connection to accountant's software
  • Remote work and data access via internet. Data from dealers, agents or partners may arrive through web (or webshop).
  • Data entry by mobile devices, PDA, smartphone, barcodre readers, etc. are also available.
  • Built-in automations, email/sms sending ability for details about important events.
  • Major emphasis on data security and logging.
  • Any document output, printout can be created or customized. Also rules can be defined for usage. Creating and editing any kind of lists, reports, graphs are also available.
  • Any user screens and displays are also customizable, can be simplified. Only show data that are necessary for their work.
  • Ordinarily true, that we try to define all WinDirect features in general, not to fixed. This is the key of the flexibility of the system, that all processes, inner rules may be set fully by the needs and logic of the partner. Many system have fixed solutions in many places, that act as limitations to achieve completeness and accomplishing further needs.

Explore the modules, functions, possibilities of WinDirect ERP!


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